They say a home without a dog is just a house, and the same can be said for your garden.  I have discussed solar lights in depth on this site, but never really covered dog inspired solar lighting.  I have collected a few different dog inspired solar lamps that I am going to be purchasing over the next few months, and if you are or know a dog lover - these make the perfect gift.

The solar lamps will collect charge throughout the day, and emit a warm light once the evening comes, and can be used to make your garden more welcoming, or as a peaceful resting place for your beloved pet.

Dog Paw Solar Lights

Dog Paw Solar Lights
Dog Paw Solar Lights

First on my list are these adorable solar powered paw print lights, I already have several sets in my basket and plan to use them in our garden borders. These particular ones are made from high quality plastic, and at 9cm x 9cm.  

If you have had the devastating experiencing of losing a dog, or know somebody who has, the paw prints can be placed in a memorial area for your beloved friend.

Made from durable plastic, you to place them inside the top layer of the grass (be careful when cutting though!), or in flower beds to add some character to your favourite acer tree.

For me, I will be using them down the side of our house, we have a small gravel border that I feel would look absolutely stunning and heart warming at night.

Each individual paw light will provide 8 hours of illumination and like all solar powered products - will charge throughout the day when the sun is out.

Solar Memorial Lamp for Dogs

As mentioned above, if you have experienced losing your furry friend, no amount of solar products can ever replace the companionship, trust and loyalty they gave.  Keeping a special place for your lost friend can be quite soothing, and even to this day I still kiss photos of my pets who are no longer with us.

We do not have the ashes to our family dog, but we know she is still with us, and after browsing around I came across some lovely memorial solar lights and I would love to share them with you now.

I want to start off with this absolutely gorgeous dog with a LED halo above it's head.

Solar Dog Memorial - Halo and Wings
Solar Dog Memorial - Halo and Wings

Made from UV treated durable resin, the cute angel wing puppy statue has a solar powered halo and sits at 10 inches in height.  The garden ornament would sit lovely in your borders, or even near the front door as a reminder that your friend will always be protecting you.

Dog Holding Solar Light Garden Ornament

An absolutely stunning super cute 9 inch garden ornament. This hand painted resin dog has a small LED lantern hanging from it's mouth.  This cute puppy would look lovely placed at the front door, next to some plant pots, or placed at the side of a pond.

Dog Holding Solar Lamp Ornament
Dog Holding Solar Lamp Ornament

Obviously you do not have to use this particular ornament to remember your fur-baby, you could even use it at the front of your house to promote your dog business.  

This would make a great gift for any dog lover, and with it being solar powered - does not cost anything to run.

My Final thoughts

I went out looking to jazz my garden up, but instead read the lovely dog memorial garden messages.  

If love could have saved you, you'd have lived forever

Losing a pet is devastating, and although I did cover a memorial aspect of solar dog lamps, they always don't need to be used in such a manner.

Pet businesses:

  • Dog Walkers
  • Dog Groomers
  • Kennels
  • Vets

Can really brand up their premises with the adorable range of dog inspired solar lights.  As I stated above, the dog paw solar lights are in my basket ready to be purchased when I next order from Amazon, and whilst writing this article, did notice they do multi-coloured ones too!

Multi-Coloured Dog Solar Paw Prints
Multi-Coloured Dog Solar Paw Prints

Lots of choices to make going forward!

All the best,

Professor Power