Having worked in several retail and online shops myself, I often get asked the same questions over and over again.  I thought it might be helpful to answer some of the most popular questions below.

It's worth noting that these are general responses and may differ from product to product depending on their usage.  For example, a waterproof rating is more likely to be higher on a pond solar light, than it is on a stainless steel garden light.

Can I charge my solar lights inside?

Yes!  However, the solar panels will not be as efficient if compared to placing the panel in direct sunlight.  If you plan to charge your solar product inside - then ensure your panel is placed directly next to a window.

How do I replace the battery in my Solar lamp?

This is very product specific, but in all our outdoor solar lights the battery compartment is accessible with a small cross-headed screwdriver.  Inside the battery compartment will generally be either a rechargeable AA or AAA battery which you can find replacements for online.

Can Solar Panels get wet?

Once again, this is product specific - but generally speaking yes.  Solar panels on your roof are constantly exposed to the elements including Snow & Rain - so they need to be waterproof.

All outdoor solar lights will have an IP45 or IP66 product rating meaning they are waterproof.  If replacing batteries however - make sure you re-seal the area to prevent rain water leaking into the electrics.

Can Solar Powered Lights catch fire?

Yes, but not through the low amount of voltage generated from the AA / AAA batteries.  Wiring faults are often the major cause of fires, and the good news is - solar lighting will not cause/start a fire.  That being said, solar panels are mostly plastic and are not fireproof - meaning they can catch fire if they are exposed to flames.

Larger battery banks which store more energy may cause an actual fire - so if you are needing to deal with high voltage storage - please consult a qualified installer / electrician.

Why is Solar power the best?

This question is asked all the time, and usually in many different flavours:

  • Why should I use solar power instead of mains powered?
  • What should I spend more money on a solar light?

You get the idea.  Solar Powered items are "off the grid" meaning you can enjoy the electronic usage without worrying about the energy bill at the end of the day.  They may not be as "bright" or "high powered" as mains powered products - but they are cleaner for the environment.

As I discussed in my Solar Power for Home Security article, there are times where even I would not use Solar power - if I require a guaranteed (or as close to it as possible) power source, I would always choose mains powered.

If I don't need to fully rely on a product / item then I will choose solar (such as solar garden lights)

How do I get more power from my solar panels?

The easiest way is to ensure your solar panel is always kept clean - that's pretty much it.  If you are noticing that your garden solar lights are not staying on as long throughout the night - it could be:

  • Solar Panel is Dirty (blocking the suns energy)
  • Batteries need replacing

Solar panels do have a finite life, but should last for several years before you need to replace.

Are Solar Powered Watches any good?

I personally have a solar powered watch (not smart watch) and it works fine.  However, I do spend a lot of time outdoors in my garden so it is getting a good amount of charge to the small batteries.

Non-Smart Watches are incredibly low powered, so a single charge will most likely last a few days to a week - so even for those stuck indoors a solar powered watch will suffice.

If you have any questions you'd like answering, please leave a comment below and I will update the post 🥰

All the best,

Professor Power