Solar Windmills you MUST have for your garden!

Solar Powered Windmills - sounds odd, but they exist! Solar Lights are great, but having the sun power a moving object really makes your garden unique.

Photo of a Windmill
Solar Powered Winmills - An absolute must if you want to bring your garden to life!

We all love our gardens here in the UK, whether you sit sipping sangria in the evening, or a cup of tea in the morning, it's all pleasant to see something unique and mesmerizing.  Garden windmills are the perfect choice to bring your outdoor space to life.

Traditional windmills were once used to produce flour and even though we have machinery to perform the exact same task, there is nothing quite like seeing a windmill garden ornament rotating with only the power of the sun.

The original windmill was purely powered by wind only and often built very high to capture the large gusts of wind in their sales - to power machinery for bakers / farmers.

It's worth noting that that often advertised as "Solar Windmills" creates the impression that sun powers the sails - this unfortunately is not generally the case.  The solar power aspect will "usually" be for the lights only.  However, I have found a few solar windmills for your garden that actually have powered sails.

The word "windmill" has often been combined into other activities such as:

  • Guitar playing action to mimic a turning windmill
  • Breakdancing where the dancer spins on their torso

The traditional windmill we all know and love is the large building with 4-8 sails turning slowly.

I have collected a group of absolutely beautiful solar windmills (or spinners as they often called) to place in a well lit area to rotate without the need of mains power - or constant wind flow - some even have LED lights giving the impression somebody is still living inside (which looks adorable), and are ideally suited for patios, paths, lawns or as a decorative pond garden ornament.

Traditional Solar Windmills

The classic windmill style we have all grown up with now as a small garden ornament to bring a classic traditional feel to your outdoor space.

Solar Powered Light up Traditional Windmill

Solar Powered Light up Traditional Windmill
  • Solar Powered LED Only
  • Wind Powered Sails 💡
  • Realistic Design
  • Height: 34.5cm
  • Colour: White

Small Solar Powered light up Garden Windmill

Small Solar Powered light up Garden Windmill
  • Solar Power Light Only
  • Wind Powered Sales 💡
  • Height: 13cm
  • Colour: White / Black

LED Solar Powered Lighthouse with rotating light

LED Solar Powered Lighthouse with rotating light

Ok, it's not as windmill, but imagine a windmill without sails 😂I feel these are from the same family - so I will include a few to tickle your taste buds.  If you're looking for a garden lighthouse with a solar light, then look no further.

  • Rotating solar powered LED
  • Available in Black or Red
  • Height: 27cm
  • Battery Backup

Solar Wind Turbine

Solar Wind Turbine

Don't be confused by the name, although these are much more suited for the home office, they are infect in the style of wind-turbines but feature a small solar panel at the base powering the small motor to rotate the sails.  I have included the wind turbines as they make great gifts and require very little solar energy to rotate the sails.  The solar wind turbines will not a battery backup, and will not have any LED lighting.

  • 4 x Mini Solar Panels
  • Solar Energy Rotates the sails
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 17cm
  • Place in on a desk with adequate lighting - however placing too close to a window will damage the solar panels due to the excessive heat.

What do you think of the Solar Powered Wind Turbines?

I am personally a huge fan of things that move in my garden, powered by wind / solar - I don't really mind.  I think adding a windmill garden ornament of any type to your patio / pond will not only add character, but will give a good focal point for visitors to comment upon.

I really hope in the future we have solar powered windmills sails - this would really make my day and is something I personally often look for when walking around garden centres.

Any ornament added to your garden will improve to the overall character - so why not make it solar?